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Traduttrice e insegnante, specializzata in traduzioni di ambito legale, contratti, finanza, commercio e manualistica, insegnante (anche online) di italiano, inglese e francese.

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Opinioni dei miei clienti


Dagli USA: Professional and responsive. Enjoy working with Angie. 

Dall'Australia:  Angie is excellent to work with and very professional. Look forward to working with her again.

Dall'Olanda:  We've worked with Angie for a very large localization project recently and she provided good quality work within the deadlines. We highly recommend her services. 

Dall'Italia: Competent, attentive and surprisingly resourceful. We asked 10, she gave 100. Strongly recommended.

 Dalla Cina: She is great. Dalla Turchia:

We are highly satisfied with the translations we receive

 Dalla Germania: Reliable and professional translator, good communication. Thanks for your good work, Angio! 

Da Israele: Angie work on several projects for me, and I am very satisfied with the service she provided. 

Topic: Chi siamo

Data: 03.06.2023

Autore: Roberttar

Oggetto: Aloha i am wrote about prices

Ndewo, achọrọ m ịmara ọnụahịa gị.

Data: 29.05.2023

Autore: Meaganbed

Oggetto: Enclosing

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Data: 11.05.2023

Autore: Robertendor

Oggetto: Куплю старые аккаунты Pinterest

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Data: 11.05.2023

Autore: Roberttar

Oggetto: Hello i wrote about the price for reseller

Zdravo, htio sam znati vašu cijenu.

Data: 04.05.2023

Autore: Roberttar

Oggetto: Aloha, writing about prices

Ciao, volevo sapere il tuo prezzo.

Data: 02.05.2023

Autore: Roberttar

Oggetto: Hello, wrote about your price for reseller

Hallo, ek wou jou prys ken.

Data: 27.04.2023

Autore: Roberttar

Oggetto: Hallo i writing about your price

Aloha, makemake wau eʻike i kāu kumukūʻai.

Data: 24.04.2023

Autore: Niki_Clics

Oggetto: Советую

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Data: 23.04.2023

Autore: Roberttar

Oggetto: Hi, i am write about your the price

Hej, jeg ønskede at kende din pris.

Data: 20.04.2023

Autore: Roberttar

Oggetto: Hello writing about prices

Hi, kam dashur të di çmimin tuaj

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