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Data: 14.10.2022

Autore: Thomaspiete

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Data: 04.07.2022

Autore: LewisHob

Oggetto: gallant

Spare the rod and spoil the child Link to proverb.
Let bygones be bygones Link to proverb.
Penny wise and pound foolish.
The singer not the song - It's.
Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don't.
Women and children first Link to proverb.
Good beginning makes a good ending - A.

Data: 23.03.2022

Autore: Frenchmxjf

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Data: 10.03.2022

Autore: Timothyunfat

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Hello, i am Sal but it is not essentially the most masculine status. Some time ago I wanted to live in South Dakota. To do ceramics is one of the things I love most. She used to be unemployed these days he a administrative assistant but she's already sent applications for another one.
The fork should be activated sufficient energy to supply a vibration will certainly last about 20 to 30 while. From the moment you start to listen, you hear which can help your ears have been dying to suit.

Data: 27.02.2022

Autore: Timothyunfat

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The author's name is Kenia but she never really liked that business name. Wisconsin has always been his living place and he is going to never go. Hiring is how she supports her family members. My wife doesn't like it approach I do but things i really like doing is doing 3d graphics and now I have enough to take on new elements.
Each of these units greatest for suited in order to use on as little boat. However, it does not mean that no the actual first is concerned with sound quality. All fish finders use sonar to scan the h2o.

Data: 13.05.2021

Autore: hoidgiday

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Data: 05.04.2021

Autore: hoidgiday

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Data: 26.12.2012

Autore: Ada

Oggetto: Maco

Salve Angie,
Grazie per i tuoi. Onsigli ed interventi su Proz. Ho studiato ed i parato 5 lingue, sto cercando di capire come diventare traduttrice ufficiale e ciò che scrivi mi semvra molto sensato ;-)

Ciao e buon lavoro,

Data: 18.01.2013

Autore: Angie

Oggetto: R: Maco

Grazie Ada continuo a fare del mio meglio, spero serva davvero

Un caro saluto!

Data: 24.07.2012

Autore: mary

Oggetto: mi picerebbe diventare traduttrice

Mi piace il tuo blog spero di trovare nuovi consigli per i giovani traduttori


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